What are little boys made of?

Tomas Zurbriggen is charming, contemplative, hard working, and deceitfully manipulative. Tomas did everything, both right and wrong, with great zeal - a trait that if not harnessed would become his downfall. Captivating events that appear to bring only persecution and death reveal an unexpected conclusion as Tomas Zurbriggen's son is kidnapped by a Columbian drug cartel. In The Making of a Man, a family conflict provides a superb example of right versus wrong, of moral correctness ultimately triumphing over deceit and corruption.

About the Author

Cliff LeCleir grew up on a rural Wisconsin farm but always had an inclination to be involved in business. After graduating from Cornell High School, he job-hopped around to several big cities before returning to Wisconsin, where he took a night job at a hamburger stand. Finding more lucrative employment as an expeditor for Allis Chalmers, he worked in production control until joining the Army. He received training in "Stereogrametic compilation" before applying and receiving the job of the Colonel's clerk, and during Vietnam he received orders to go on a mapping project in Ethiopia. After fulfilling his service obligation, he returned to his job at Allis Chalmers, got married, started a family, and began college. While in college he started his first business and graduated with a double major in business and geography. He has built and bought five different businesses during his career and claims that this was all part of God's plan to take a simple farm kid who knew how to work and show him what the Lord could do with so little. He resides just outside of La Crosse, Wisconsin, in the Township of Barre. His main joy is his wife Sandy, his three children, his twelve grandchildren, and, as of this writing, his one great-grandchild. What a country! Let's hope and pray it stays that way.

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